Canada Admits That the US Has Aquired Alien Technology

The former Canadian minister of defense has become a whistle blower on alien technology. He claims that we were visited by an alien race, and even were offered help. Instead we decided to shoot first and ask questions later. The military is so paranoid that they feel its necessary to use this alien technology, to fight the aliens, instead of using it to help the human race. We have been lied to. Not only that, their our traitors of the human race, that make these types of decisions before consulting the public. The veil of secrecy must be lifted now before it is too late. Trillions of dollars have been spent, while keeping all of us in the dark, including the commander and chief.


About alientechnology

I believe that we have gotten a lot of technology from aliens. Why would they give us this technology? What did we trade them to get it? Obviously it had to be something, or other countries would have the advantage. Do aliens live among us?
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